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Day 18 – Home

Last stretch of our trip. Home sweet home is right around the corner. What awaits? I have happily unplugged on this trip except for blog posts. No checking email, not really much service, and no reading the latest news stories. It has been a… Continue Reading “Day 18 – Home”

Day 16 – Jenny Lake

It’s no wonder we never go further into the park than Jenny Lake. There is so much to do right from our campsite that, once again, we find ourselves drawn to explore by foot instead of by vehicle. We got a fantastic campsite. Yes,… Continue Reading “Day 16 – Jenny Lake”

Still Day 16 – Bears, Hail, and Fire on the Mountain

The day began and all of my favorite things happened. First, coffee. Then a hike around the lake. Next, a nap and some time to read quietly in my hammock. Then, a bear. We named him Cinnamon. And while usually that would be the… Continue Reading “Still Day 16 – Bears, Hail, and Fire on the Mountain”