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It’s the little things

Being home from a three week camping trip means finding joy in things that simply were routine before. Like, Making coffee in the morning without having to boil water or filter through a paper towel (I forgot our filter). Waking up to a gentle… Continue Reading “It’s the little things”

Day 18 – Home

Last stretch of our trip. Home sweet home is right around the corner. What awaits? I have happily unplugged on this trip except for blog posts. No checking email, not really much service, and no reading the latest news stories. It has been a… Continue Reading “Day 18 – Home”

Day 17 – Race Against the Sun

The hardest part of this kind of camping is when you don’t win the race against the sun. And yesterday we lost. We drove and drove and drove. We covered 700 miles and despite stopping at three different campgrounds, we ended up sleeping in… Continue Reading “Day 17 – Race Against the Sun”

Day 16 – Jenny Lake

It’s no wonder we never go further into the park than Jenny Lake. There is so much to do right from our campsite that, once again, we find ourselves drawn to explore by foot instead of by vehicle. We got a fantastic campsite. Yes,… Continue Reading “Day 16 – Jenny Lake”

Day 15 – The Game Is Afoot

After a late start today from Boise, we arrived in the Grand Tetons around 4:30 pm. It is simply a fact that if one is to secure a campsite here, they must play the game. Here are the rules: 1. Arrive ridiculously early. 2.… Continue Reading “Day 15 – The Game Is Afoot”

Day 14 – Stuck in Idaho

Driving from Crater Lake to the Grand Tetons was remote, isolated, undeveloped and unexpected. We hit a deer. Again. We did the same thing on our first trip. Greg saw it coming up the driver side of the car and despite his best attempt… Continue Reading “Day 14 – Stuck in Idaho”

Day 11 – Remarkable Redwoods

The Redwood’s are truly remarkable. No matter how many pictures I’ve seen before, I was not prepared for the overwhelming grandeur of these trees. Knowing these titans lived generations before me and will continue to live long after me is both humbling and calming.… Continue Reading “Day 11 – Remarkable Redwoods”

Day 13 – Crater Lake National Park

We left Redwoods hesitantly. We could have stayed another night. However, we didn’t want to change campgrounds so decided, slowly, to start heading east. Crater Lake is in Oregon and is in a very remote area. As we were driving, we weren’t even sure… Continue Reading “Day 13 – Crater Lake National Park”

Day 10 – US 1 – California Coast Cruisin’

“Oh no other coast that I know shall you enjoy, in calm, sunny weather, such a spectacle of ocean’s greatness, such beauty of changing color, or such degree of thunder in the spirit d.” – Robert Louis Stevenson 10 days camping. 10 days of… Continue Reading “Day 10 – US 1 – California Coast Cruisin’”

Day 9 – Sheer Beauty

Jagged and rugged. Peaks and valleys. Granite and clear blue glacier water. Half Dome and El Capitan. Lower Falls and Upper Falls. Glacier Point and Merced River. Lower Pines Campground and Bridleveil Falls. I don’t have the words to fully describe Yosemite National Park.… Continue Reading “Day 9 – Sheer Beauty”