June 2020

For Today

Day 11 – Remarkable Redwoods

The Redwood’s are truly remarkable. No matter how many pictures I’ve seen before, I was not prepared for the overwhelming grandeur of these trees. Knowing these titans lived generations before me and will continue to live long after me is both humbling and calming. The Smith River runs right beside our amazing campsite at Jedidiah…

Day 8 – Lake Tahoe to Lower Sierra Nevadas

Today we covered 540 miles. After about 400 of those miles we rolled into Meeks Bay Campground on the west side of Lake Tahoe. It was easy to see why this area is a playground for the wealthy. With blue/emerald water and the Sierra Nevadas as a backdrop, evidence of summer and winter play was…

Day 7 – The Space Between

We left Zion and headed north. Great Basin National Park here we come! As we drove, the land stretched further and further all around us. The space between the mountains far in the distance seemed to never end. Sky mixed with clouds that shadowed the land as far as we could see. Great Basin National…

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