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Summer 2020 road trip

Roots, Rocks, And Rivers

Roots Roots are the deeply personal convictions that form well before we arrive. They are the net around our existence that makes sense of the ultimate answer to the question why. Who we give thanks to when we look back- those who came before… Continue Reading “Roots, Rocks, And Rivers”

July 17th, 2020

“Were all the year one constant sunshine, we should have no flowers.” – Henry Vaughn I remember living in South Florida. So many sunny days, beautiful, cloudless, blue and hot days would just float by. When the rains came, they were often downpours and… Continue Reading “July 17th, 2020”

July 16th, 2020

“If everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light” – Rumi Sometimes we simply don’t know. We don’t have the answer. We don’t have an example. We can’t see the end of the tunnel. This is both a blessing and… Continue Reading “July 16th, 2020”

July 15th, 2020

Today let’s embrace what we can control and leave what is beyond our control alone. Our best days occur when we work within the sphere of our influence. Today I will do my best to be present and patient with myself and others –… Continue Reading “July 15th, 2020”

July 14, 2020

“Adversity is the first path to truth” – Lord Byron George As our community and profession struggle with hopes and plans to bring students together in the Fall, I believe we must join forces and hearts to accomplish this. We do not have a… Continue Reading “July 14, 2020”

The Life Blood and the Watchman

Standing strong and proud high above the Virgin River the tower watches. With each dawn he greets the day and protects the sky as it dances with the sun and the wind. As the blue sky tires and the sun sets, he gracefully remains… Continue Reading “The Life Blood and the Watchman”

It’s the little things

Being home from a three week camping trip means finding joy in things that simply were routine before. Like, Making coffee in the morning without having to boil water or filter through a paper towel (I forgot our filter). Waking up to a gentle… Continue Reading “It’s the little things”

Day 18 – Home

Last stretch of our trip. Home sweet home is right around the corner. What awaits? I have happily unplugged on this trip except for blog posts. No checking email, not really much service, and no reading the latest news stories. It has been a… Continue Reading “Day 18 – Home”

Day 17 – Race Against the Sun

The hardest part of this kind of camping is when you don’t win the race against the sun. And yesterday we lost. We drove and drove and drove. We covered 700 miles and despite stopping at three different campgrounds, we ended up sleeping in… Continue Reading “Day 17 – Race Against the Sun”

Day 16 – Jenny Lake

It’s no wonder we never go further into the park than Jenny Lake. There is so much to do right from our campsite that, once again, we find ourselves drawn to explore by foot instead of by vehicle. We got a fantastic campsite. Yes,… Continue Reading “Day 16 – Jenny Lake”