Adventures Across America

Summer 2020

Here we go. 6,000+ miles across America in a suburban. Two kids, two parents and three weeks to explore. Tents, hammocks, and the occasional bedroll by the fire – across our beautiful country. Together and apart. Still and in motion. Seeking new and old. Here we go. Join us.

We leave at the end of this week.

The buttons below will be broken into weeks. The first week is the beginning, the second the middle and the final week the end. I hope to upload pictures and posts along the way.

Above is a picture taken at Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park during our summer 2017 road trip. This picture was a result of many attempts at the tripod, racing over to try to pull everyone in before the timer went off.

Us written and performed by Hannah Ihle

Not all those who wander are lost.


In a family quest for stillness, adventure and exploration – we are getting reconnecting with the raw beauty of our natural world.

Our adventure will span three weeks, and thousands of miles. In tents, hammocks, and a suburban – we are excited to explore and learn together.

In the first summer after COVID-19, creating space is on our mind. Although we are unsure what the National and State Parks will look like, we remain hopefully optimistic.

We also are pretty good at winging it when necessary.

Stay tuned. I am.

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