August 19

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado

Our why can be the driving force of all of our decisions. Or it can be left out in the cold when we forget it. Remembering our why connects us to the purpose of today. Sometimes it is grand and loud. Sometimes it is quiet and reflective. Either way, it is the fuel that propels our feet when we don’t feel like showing up. The why provides the momentum behind the what.

This clip captures the essence of why versus what perfectly. (Thank you Ken Williams @unfoldthesoul for the reminder yesterday).

In truth, this school year is a perfect example. Preplanning days were full of concern about this new norm, worry about face to face students and virtual students, and stress about all the things with all the new things piled on the other things that engulfed those precious days of planning prior to students.

And then the first day happened. And in walked our why. Each student who walked in with head held high and eyes bright with the hope of a new year. Each student who logged in and met teachers virtually for the first time. The first year of this grade, this teacher, this school, this class, this format.

And the magic happened. All the whats fell by the wayside as the whys reminded all of us the reason we chose to be educators; why this is the best profession, why we will keep showing up (even amidst a pandemic), and why we will try again tomorrow.

We are essential because our why is essential.

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