August 1

“It was hot; heat quivered up from the asphalt, giving to the familiar buildings about the square a nimbus quality, a quality of living and palpitant chiaroscuro.”

William Faulkner Light in August

As summer moves us into the deep heat that both stiffles and warms, let us be inspired by the promise of a new month. August is a fresh start for so many – almost like the new year in January – but another seasonal reminder that Fall is approaching. Let us apprecatiate the heat and fire of this month, of the sizzle and burn of the mighty sun with all its splendor. Let August inspire us as the sun inspires the Earth around us.

2 Comments on “August 1

  1. Like your optimistic post on the month of August. We use to call it ‘the dog days of summer’ mainly because this is the month we started football practice. 🤮🤮 Dad



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