The Life Blood and the Watchman

Standing strong and proud high above the Virgin River the tower watches.

With each dawn he greets the day and protects the sky as it dances with the sun and the wind.

As the blue sky tires and the sun sets, he gracefully remains still and timeless. The stars begin to sparkle and spread across the dark sky and still he watches.

Patient. Unhurried. Protective. Loyal. A tower who remains steady as one of the guardians of the canyon, protectors of the seasons, and loyal soldiers to the river wild.

Yet- he is only one of many who stands guard- for his primary purpose is to protect the vital life blood of the canyon- The Virgin River.

She flows wild and untamed. Raging. Flowing. Smoothing. Carving.

Forming the rock to her will; the only force the mighty rocks surrender to. Deeper and deeper she flows creating a safe home in her tamer parts. In her wild rapids she is fighting against the prison she finds herself in as she gets further and further from the sun.

As she seeks more space and continues to cut the canyon she loses sight of the ball of liquid gold that warms her. The watchmen absorbs this heat and invites it to seep down his jagged rocks to warm her.

This warmth then fuels her strength, giving her that magic current which provides life and death to Zion.

One Comment on “The Life Blood and the Watchman

  1. Beautifully written post!! Loved having all of you over last night. Your trip was awe- inspiring and all the beautiful pictures captured it all. Love you.



    Liked by 1 person

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