It’s the little things

Being home from a three week camping trip means finding joy in things that simply were routine before.


Making coffee in the morning without having to boil water or filter through a paper towel (I forgot our filter).

We love our Jetboil. It boiled our water for
morning coffee quickly and effectively!

Waking up to a gentle morning routine without the pressing need to pack up and get moving is refreshing. And although being outdoors at all times allows for a connection I love, it is just as wonderful to wake up in a cozy bed without the consideration of weather and wonder.

And let’s talk bathrooms. I can’t fully explain how wonderful toilets truly are- especially your own. I’ve never been one to use porta potties or public campground restrooms and even more so in our world of COVID. So we improvise. A 5-gallon bucket, smell-good trash bags and baby wipes are really all you need behind some camouflage sheets roped gently around a few trees!

Coming home to my own bathroom is truly luxurious. I know my mother is reading this, potentially appalled at my mentioning this piece of our trip. But it is true and one aspect I’m truly grateful to have while out there and just as grateful for modern plumbing.

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