Day 18 – Home

Last stretch of our trip. Home sweet home is right around the corner.

What awaits? I have happily unplugged on this trip except for blog posts. No checking email, not really much service, and no reading the latest news stories.

It has been a lovely reprieve.

However, here we go. It looks like Georgia is in a state of emergency due to violence erupting from the earlier protests against police brutality , COVID is yet again increasing and still prevailing are lots of unknowns.

But isn’t that the journey?

Isn’t what we are doing is simply walking ahead- over roots and rocks together to both overcome, appreciate, learn and laugh some along the way?

We live in a glorious country- with natural resources and reminders all around us that life has been and will be here long before and long after our time here.

From Here To There.

All throughout this trip my family and I have discussed the perfect name for my blog. I don’t love Leading Through Learning mainly because that name is more focused on educational leadership.

What I have found this past year of regular written reflection is I have plenty to say beyond the scope of my profession. Since so many topics bleed into many areas, and much of my writing centers around travel, the outdoors, my family and education- I wanted something all encompassing.

From Here To There.

This title seems to provide a broader yet more accurate name for what this blog has become over the past year.

The logo will change, too. With all the pictures I post and feel such a desire to take, one will become the logo for this blog. Maybe a Redwood, maybe a flower- both seem to capture the essence of Now.

Thank you for reading and joining us on this journey. Your feedback and comments are read and treasured.

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