Day 16 – Jenny Lake

It’s no wonder we never go further into the park than Jenny Lake. There is so much to do right from our campsite that, once again, we find ourselves drawn to explore by foot instead of by vehicle.

We got a fantastic campsite. Yes, we were in line (in the first spot) by 3:30am. We then slept a few hours in the car and by the time I woke up around 6:30am, there was a line of about 20 cars behind us.

11 sites were available for the first 11 cars. The rest were sent packing. We got first pick and, as usual, requested a site with privacy.

25A it is.

Overlooking this campground is the grandest of the three peaks that make up the Grand Tetons, called, the Grand Teton. It towers overhead and is easy to spot no matter where you are in the campground.

Although the folks who camped before us have until 11 am to leave, we were lucky because the people here were out by 8:45am. We set up, drank some coffee, and let the day unfold as it would.

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