Day 11 – Remarkable Redwoods

The Redwood’s are truly remarkable. No matter how many pictures I’ve seen before, I was not prepared for the overwhelming grandeur of these trees.

Knowing these titans lived generations before me and will continue to live long after me is both humbling and calming.

The Smith River runs right beside our amazing campsite at Jedidiah Redwood State Park. The canopy the trees provide shade for every single spot. Ours is right by the river, too. By far, best camp spot of the trip.

We are so excited to have two days here. It is well with my soul.

Big breakfast to begin our day today. Pancakes, bacon and eggs with two cups of coffee.

We then went in search of the Stout Grove, featuring a redwood 340 feet tall and 16’ in diameter chest high. This grove is accessible from our campsite when they put the bridge up every summer. They haven’t put the bridge up yet so we decided to wade across. It looked more shallow than it actually was but we made it without falling.

We met a woman camping with her family from Seattle. She gifted us the book The Overstory by Richard Powers. Excited to read it!

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