Day 12 – Captured by the Redwoods

We can’t leave. Just not yet. From hiking to swimming to just relaxing by the campfire, we are at peace here- collectively and individually. I can see how easy it would be to simply lose track of days, weeks, months. It feels safe.

As we have traveled west, the level of caution regarding COVID has notably increased. Many towns have mandatory requirements to wear masks. Even while hiking we see many with masks on and social distancing is expected everywhere.

In some ways, it is more reassuring and in other ways it is unnerving. Typically, back home, I felt we were ones more cautious because we wear masks everywhere we go in public. Here, it feels at times we are the ones less concerned because we don’t really wear masks outside.

Hard to tell if there are more sick from COVID or just more careful. With the space we have found to spread out and relax, evidence of what a unique summer it is is everywhere. Parks are relatively quiet, people don’t want to engage in small talk, and many visitor centers are closed still.

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