Day 10 – US 1 – California Coast Cruisin’

Oh no other coast that I know shall you enjoy, in calm, sunny weather, such a spectacle of ocean’s greatness, such beauty of changing color, or such degree of thunder in the spirit d.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

10 days camping. 10 days of showers in rivers and lakes. 10 days of driving, sleeping under the stars and heading West.

We have reached the furthest point we can drive in our Adventure Across America.

Our first hotel!

I’m not going to lie- I’m excited for a hot shower and to not set up camp. BUT- I would be fine not having this little mid trip reprieve.

Traveling this way gives me such a different perspective of our country. It allows me to see something raw and untouched in the wildest places that remain untamed and fierce.

It is not easy.

Each day begins with a little yoga, meditation and pressed coffee. Then the packing begins. This means stuffing sleeping bags and rolling up sleeping pads, breaking down the tent, making and cleaning breakfast, draining and organizing the cooler, repacking the suburban and finding water (usually a faucet outside) to brush teeth, wash faces and go!

As with any thing, this process gets more efficient and better the more we do it. All hands on deck makes the work go by quickly and even something we enjoy together.,

I’m most excited to not set up and break down camp tonight.

We are staying at the Sand and Surf Lodge in Fort Bragg. We drove from Yosemite straight to the coast with the Point Reyes National Seashore being our first view of the Pacific Coast.

The coast is beyond impressive. Rocks sit just off the clearly eroding coastline creating fantastic waves as the water collided against them.

After we checked into our hotel, we went to visit Glass Beach- and although the pictures showed much bigger glass rocks, we still found some beautifully clear and colorful stones.

Halfway point. Colder than we expected. High winds and cool temperatures. A hot shower was heaven!

Here is our time to wash some clothes, fill up on pizza and milkshakes, sleep late and in a bed, and watch the sun sink over the Pacific Ocean.

Redwoods here we come!

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