Day 8 – Lake Tahoe to Lower Sierra Nevadas

Today we covered 540 miles. After about 400 of those miles we rolled into Meeks Bay Campground on the west side of Lake Tahoe.

It was easy to see why this area is a playground for the wealthy. With blue/emerald water and the Sierra Nevadas as a backdrop, evidence of summer and winter play was everywhere.

However, this was not our style for this trip. The campground was crowded and no privacy.

So, we did what we do best- we assessed, took the kids to swim in the cold waters of Lake Tahoe, and kept moving on towards Yosemite.

We drove south through Toiyabe National Forest and Stanislaus National Forest. The drive winded up and down through high elevations of the Sierra Nevadas, spotting wildfires in the distance.

Again, we were alone and again the view as far as we could see was mountainous valleys. We checked numerous campgrounds and all were full. Many people just find spots and throw their tents along the road. We just weren’t familiar enough with the area to feel comfortable doing that without know we were in some kind of designated camping area.

Right at dusk, we pulled into the perfect campground. Bootleg Campground – with hosts Jeff and Susie.

The camping gods were with us as we only had about 30 minutes before dark. It worked perfectly. We went to sleep with a slight chill in the air and woke up cold and grateful for our super warm sleeping bags.

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