Day 6 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

To hike The Narrows at the Temple of Sinawava in Zion requires patience, perseverance and determination.

When we originally began planning this road trip, this specific hike was a driving bucket list item to do in Zion.

With COVID-19, the shuttle service is suspended causing many closures and longer waiting periods. Private cars are allowed to drive on Scenic Drive, the main road that gives access to all the highlights in Zion, but only a certain amount of cars are allowed at a time.

We heard a few others talking about people being in line at 12:30 am and practically camping out in the parking lots waiting to get onto the Scenic Drive. I hoped they were exaggerating and we dutifully aimed to arrive as early as we could (after some coffee, of course).

They were not exaggerating.

We were up this morning at 4:30. With the heat and the bursts of wind gusts, it was hard to sleep anyway. Rising with the sun was actually natural and pretty easy.

We began the drive towards the Scenic Drive and thought we had gotten through! However, we were then routed into the Zion Lodge where we waited until the first round of visitors exited. Since we pulled in about 6:00am, we were hopeful we would be able to go in quickly.

Five hours later we were still waiting. Many people left and we were tempted, but we stuck it out and are so glad we did.

We hiked 3.5 miles and it was truly one of the most remarkable hikes I’ve ever been able to do. It was in the Virgin River and as you continued, the canyon all around became more and more narrow (hence, the name) as the water ebbed and flowed over the rocks.

When we began there was a good amount of others with us. As we continued, however, we soon found ourselves more and more alone.

I’ll never forget this hike.

One Comment on “Day 6 – Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

  1. Oh Elizabeth! You have hit on my bucket list today – hiking the Narrows! Hate that you had to experience such a wait but hats off to your kids! What troopers. My “adopted son” Kody, just moved to Utah in March and is working for a company that takes hikers into the canyons. He is loving it. Kody met my son Adam when he came into treatment at Purple 7 years ago, and our family took him under our wings since his family was from Washington State.
    Enjoy your adventures! Donna Gunter


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