Day 2- Midwest Melt

Hot. Dry. Desolate. Oklahoma. Texas. New Mexico. 671 miles.

Land stretches as far as you can see and is only stopped by the blue sky.

The land and sky are so vast; they each come together in a truce right where they meet at the horizon.

The constant wind fuels their dance.

And their dance heats with the sun and cools with the moon.

Yet another of Mother Nature’s opposite forces at play. Without one, the other wouldn’t shine, wouldn’t hold the precarious balance that keeps our world unpredictable and wondrous.

Yin and Yang. Night and Day. Sun and Moon. Earth and Sky. Together and Apart. Silence and Song.

Blue Hole, New Mexico

Just outside Santa Rosa lies an aquifer spring in the middle of the dry dessert. 81 feet deep- 61 degrees. Dreamy blue- so refreshing!

Midwest Love

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Black Canyon Campground

2 Comments on “Day 2- Midwest Melt

  1. I love the pictures of the cacti 🌵. Good choice in reading Hannah! I love Percy Jackson!


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