Signposts- A New Earth

Today I completed the book study, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. The women who have walked beside me these past 10 weeks have taught me how to slow down, wake up, and laugh along the way.

The journey held moments of curiosity, uncertainty, compassion and hope.

All 10 weeks the meetings have been through a screen- held in a sacred place within my home- during a time and space I could honor.

The final chapter was today and my first time visiting the actual “barn”. This place I have heard of what feels like for years. Where time slows down and the structures fade yet a new earth arrises.

Here are some pictures of that visit- of this moment- an ending and a beautiful beginning .

2 Comments on “Signposts- A New Earth

  1. Elizabeth it was wonderful meeting you and traveling the New Earth path with you! I am honored to have spent those 10 weeks with you and the other ladies. I hope to meet you in person soon!!


  2. What a beautiful journey it has been. I am very grateful for our time together. YOU are a gift to the world!
    The photos are beautiful!


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