Leading through Learning

“As a leader, I want to be chief encourager. I want people to know that they are appreciated, admired, and even loved. I think the best organizations operate as a family. There is trust, compassion and a shared sense of belonging and identity.” – Daniel Bauer

Week 2 of School – check. And the energy is palpable. All the new, shiny things are still new and shiny. Kids are getting into activities, clubs, and the groove. Teachers are starting to flow with the rhythm of the week. One curriculum night down, and one to go. Our new teachers are building relationships with others and learning who has the answers they need. Our veteran teachers are exploring their role this year and deciding whether they will help or hinder (some consciously, some unconsciously). All of these things are indications that school is back and so are we.

So how do we keep the momentum positive? I think the answer has to be simple and is rooted in gratitude. I can already see how with the rhythm setting in, so is the tendency to slide into negative talk. “I’m so busy” and “Can’t wait until Friday” and “I’m tired” all essentially become what I attract ???when that is what I say to colleagues. I made a conscious effort not to say these things and was surprised by how many times I noticed others’ saying them. In order to feel grateful, I have to look for things to be grateful for each and every day.

Most of the days these past few weeks I was able to start my morning by walking the halls and saying hello to each teacher. But a few days, I wasn’t able to do this because of meetings (and that will only increase as the year goes on). The days I was not able to connect briefly with each teacher, I felt rushed. When I feel rushed, I act rushed. And, in that mindset, it is hard to see what I’m grateful for in the moment. So how do I connect when I’m unable to do the very thing I enjoy most in the morning? I think gratitude is the answer. So the three mornings I start with meetings, I’m going to write three letters of gratitude to hand out that day and see if that helps my perspective. Energy and gratitude – together are powerful qualities that help maintain looking?and seeking?positive moments.

My intentions this week are to be aware of these two elements.  I resolve to notice when I slide into being rushed and try to pivot my thinking, despite the demands or negativity I may encounter with situations involving strong emotions. The principle of the week that  I will focus on is harmony. I will ask myself if what I think, say and do is aligned in a harmonious way. How can I bring positive energy to stressful situations? This will be my focus and goal.I’ll end this blog with a quote one of our teachers had posted in her room. “Be happy. Be Bright. Be you.” 

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